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Our Clergy

Rev. Msgr. William J. Kubacki: Rector

Rev. Msgr. William J. Kubacki

Deacon James Caruso: Deacon

Deacon James Caruso


Deacon Brendan Gillen: Deacon

Deacon Brendan Gillen


Our Staff

Ms. Alicia Weinandy: Office Manager

Ms. Alicia Weinandy

Office Manager
Mr. Steve Drabek: Facilities Manager

Mr. Steve Drabek

Facilities Manager
Mr. Paul Monachino: Director of Liturgical Music & Organist

Mr. Paul Monachino

Director of Liturgical Music & Organist
Ms. Samantha Karnes: Parish Accountant

Ms. Samantha Karnes

Parish Accountant
Ms. Karen Wozniak: Coordinator of Religious Education

Ms. Karen Wozniak

Coordinator of Religious Education
Mr. James Weinandy: Maintenance

Mr. James Weinandy


Mr. Michael Leddy: Maintenance

Mr. Michael Leddy