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The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is an apprenticeship in living the Christian life in the Catholic Church. Candidates experience a gradual process of conversion and spiritual formation through times of prayer, study, reflection, faith sharing, ongoing discernment, and participation in the life of the parish. The rite involves four elements: Word/Scripture, Worship/Liturgy, Community, and Service.

Just because you join the RCIA classes, does not mean you are committed to finish. If you are merely curious about the Catholic faith, please join us. Contact Alicia Weinandy at with additional questions or for more information!

Formation sessions for 2023-2024 will begin September 20, 2023!

Who can participate?

  • Persons not baptized
  • Persons baptized Christian and interested in the Catholic Faith
  • Person baptized Catholic but not confirmed
  • Persons raised Catholic who seek to learn more about the faith
  • Catholics who wish to serve on the team and/or sponsor a candidate

When does RCIA take place?

The RCIA process is a half-year-long formation process beginning in mid-September and ending in mid-May. Weekly formation sessions take place on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm in the Loretto Room in the Parish Offices. Some weeks, participants will be asked to attend other parish-sponsored activities.

What will I experience?

The RCIA apprenticeship includes formation sessions that involve prayer and reflection many aspects of the Catholic faith. We walk with you as you seek the answers to the questions you have about the Catholic faith. Each week, presenters will cover different topics from Salvation History and the Sacraments to Mary and the Saints.

Who will help me?

Each RCIA candidate is supported by a Catholic sponsor who attends sessions and walks the journey with you. You can choose your own sponsor as long as they are a practicing Catholic, or we can match you up with a sponsor from our parish. Additionally, we have a passionate team of staff and parishioners who will be presenting throughout the year and are excited to support you on your journey.

Is this like taking a course?

No, RCIA is a liturgy – an ongoing faith formation experience that includes Catechesis (teaching of the faith), spiritual growth, and participation in the life of the parish. While various readings and resources will be recommended, there are no requirements like one might have when taking a formal course.

Is there any obligation?

Feeling unsure is about joining the Catholic Church is natural and joining a faith community is a significant step. It is always a good idea to talk to your sponsor or any team member about your doubts so we can work to understand where they are coming from. If, at any point along the process, you feel now is not the right time for you to take this step, you are free to take a step back. You are always welcome to return later if you feel the time is right. If you don’t feel ready to join the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil, but think you need more time, you’re welcome to continue classes with us and see where the Spirit leads you the following year. Through this process, we hope that you gain a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

What’s my next step?

We want to hear from you! If you would like to discuss RCIA, have questions, or want to join the formation process, please email Alicia Weinandy at or call the parish office at 419-244-9575.