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Choosing the readings and prayers for your wedding is special and something that should be considered prayerfully. In order to help you make these decisions, Rosary Cathedral provides Together for Life books to couples getting married at the cathedral. If you haven’t already received a copy of the book, email Alicia at the parish office at For additional resources visit the Together for Life website.

Once you’ve selected the readings and prayers for your liturgy, fill out the form below, or email a copy of your selections from the back of the book to Alicia.

Wedding Reading Form

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Wedding Liturgy

To be used with the “Together for Life” booklet. If you don’t have the booklet, you can also find the readings at or contact the parish office.
Old Testament Reading
Responsorial Psalm
New Testament Reading
Alleluia Verse
Gospel Reading
Questions before the Consent
The Consent (Marriage Vows)
Blessing and Giving of Rings
Will there be a blessing and giving of the Arras?
Universal Prayer (Petitions)
Prayer over the Offerings
Will there be a Blessing and Placing of the Lazo?
The Nuptial Blessing
Prayer after Communion
Final or Solemn Blessing
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