As Catholics, the ministers of the Mass are our Priests and Bishop. In order to carry out the liturgy the lay people assist the priest by performing specific duties during Mass. People must be members of our parish community and striving to live by the teachings of the Church to perform a Mass Ministry. Training and information are provided at various times of the year for new volunteers. Here is a list of ways you can help:

Communion Distributors
In order to distribute Holy Communion in both species, bread and wine, and because of the size of Sunday Mass crowds, lay people assist our priests and deacons to distribute Holy Communion.

Lay people serve as Lectors that process into Church and proclaim clearly the First and Second Readings from the Old Testament or the New Testament with the exception of the Gospels.

Altar Servers
People of all ages are invited to help serve Mass at Rosary Cathedral. Altar servers carry the cross and candles in procession, assist the priest in praying and preparing the altar, and help with the other logistics of the Mass. We especially encourage boys and young men to become altar servers as it can be a great help in discerning a vocation to the priesthood.

Greeters stand at the entrances of the Church and welcome everyone into our celebration. A greeter is a welcoming face and can give someone a warm experience at the door of their first Mass or their first Mass in a while.  Being a greeter is truly a way to evangelize!

Ushers help to greet all who enter the Cathedral, pass out worship aides, collect the offertory, and help to straighten up the Church after ceremonies. The Cathedral ushers have the unique privilege of serving at many of the Bishop’s Masses!

To volunteer for a Mass Ministry call the parish offices at 419-244-9575 or email [email protected].