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The cleaning process of the marble floors has begun. You can see the original color of the floors, where they started in the Bishop’s Chapel. Notice the difference between the waxed portion, lower on the picture, and the area where the wax has been removed in the first picture. This is the first step in the restoration of the floors. How much lighter it is, when all the wax is removed! See the second picture for the results.

This will be a long process in that there is over 19,000 square feet of marble floors that will be restored in the cathedral. There is more marble in the cathedral building that will not be done this time around.

First picture
Second picture

Come one, come all to the Pancake Breakfast! Our Knights will be serving.

On Saturday, January 30th, beginning after the 10AM Mass. Breakfast will be served in the gym. A freewill offering will be collected. Come to enjoy tasty food and fellowship!

Rosary Cathedral Parish has a gift shop! It’s located in the parish offices and features imported rosaries that were specially crafted for our Cathedral. A compilation of research that has been done about the cathedral itself was compiled and put into a series of 8 booklets. Also, votive candles, post cards and Rose Window notecards. The gift shop is open Monday thru Friday, from 9:00am till 4:00pm. Please click here for more information: Gift Shop – Rosary Cathedral Parish

We are in the process of the formation of a Cathedral Guild. The Cathedral Guild, a new endeavor of the Cathedral Parish, is meant to assist with the cleaning of the interior areas of the cathedral. It is also meant to be an educational experience, to learn about what is inside a Cathedral building. We plan to have a kick-off event when the weather is cooler. People wishing to assist with the guild can ‘adopt’ an area of the cathedral. A schedule can be set up to accomplish the work. It is especially important to clean before the major Liturgical Celebrations/ Seasons and Events of the year. Click here for more information:

Stewardship of Time and Talent is an important ministry in the life of any parish community.  Without you, we could not do all that we do.

Please visit our Activities page, to see the link to our new ‘Stewardship of Time and Talent brochure.’ The informational guide is also linked on that page. This will explain the various and new ministries/ jobs for people of all ages to share their time and talent with the community. Please go to this page: