ALPHA Fall 2019

August 23, 2019

Alpha is a journey through the basics of Christianity to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Each Alpha evening will include a light meal, a concise and engaging video presentation, and open discussion. The Alpha series also includes an optional overnight retreat experience.

Who should consider coming?

Do you want a more meaningful relationship with Jesus?

Do you want a better grasp of the basics of your faith?

Do you struggle to believe or have doubts?

Do you want a safe place to talk about faith?

Is your faith dry?

Have you lost the excitement of your conversion?

Do you want to connect more deeply with others?

If you relate with any of these questions then Alpha is for you! Alpha is a safe and welcoming place to build a deeper foundation in faith, ask the deep questions about life, and build a better relationship with Jesus.

Join us Friday, September 20th t 6:00 pm in parish activity room II!

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Let us know your coming by email at [email protected], or call 419-244-9575